Benefits of Moringa seeds



The health-giving power of the moringa plant has been known since the times of ancient India, where this relative of horseradish was known as the “Tree of Life.”

Almost all parts of the plant have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, but the seeds are especially packed with the active agents, making for a convenient and effective addition to a modern healthy lifestyle. The beneficial ingredients of moringa seeds include:

  • Many phytochemicals and antioxidants, including isothiocyanates and flavanoids.
  • High levels of vitamins A and C.
  • Valuable minerals including zinc, iron, calcium, and potassium.
  • Healthy oils which are entirely free from bad cholesterol.

All of these work together to provide many essential health advantages in a single, easy-to-take form.

Anti-Inflammatory Action

Moringa seeds contain powerful phytochemicals known as isothiocyanates, and these substances have several benefits for health. One significant effect is to reduce inflammation in body tissues, helping to ease joint pains, soothe aching muscles, and even reduce the risks of heart disease.

Clearer Skin

A second major benefit of moringa’s anti-inflammatory action is to reduce the severity of acne outbreaks. By reducing the swelling of the skin around pimples, there’s less temptation to rub and squeeze the affected skin, spreading the acne-causing bacteria around. Also, less inflammation means visibly clearer skin, with pimples healing more quickly.

These effects get a boost by the presence of Ben oil, a healthy fatty oil which is high in vitamin A and also has a strong natural antiseptic action. Both if these will work to keep your skin supple and free from blackheads and other blemishes.

Cancer Protection

However, one last action of the isothiocyanates is perhaps the most important of all. They play an essential role in regulating cell division, helping to prevent errors and damage. That means they’re an efficient way of staving off the development of specific cancers, particularly those of the colon and stomach. The health of your digestive system also improves thanks to the high levels of fiber found in the seeds.

Heart Health

With a complete absence of cholesterol, plus high levels of oleic acid (as found in olive oil), moringa seeds are effective in protecting against heart problems. Harmful fatty build-ups in the arteries are reduced, while blood clots are much less frequent than in people with diets dominated by animal fats.

Immune System Boost

Moringa seeds are full of a powerful combination of vitamin C and flavonoid antioxidants. These work together to boost your immune system, driving off minor ailments such as the common cold, as well as providing longer-term protection against more serious problems including heart disease. Also, when combined with moringa’s anti-inflammation action, your improved immune system means cuts, bruises, and acne outbreaks all heal much more quickly.

Anti-Aging Through Antioxidants

The flavonoid antioxidants also work hard to keep your body in youthful condition, staving off the effects of aging as much as possible. Through reducing the harm caused by environmental free radicals, your skin will stay looking younger, and your internal organs protected against the damage caused by years of buildup left unchecked.

Stronger Teeth, Bones, and Hair

Moringa is rich in zinc, iron, calcium, and other minerals which together produce stronger teeth, bones, hair, and nails. Not only does this mean you’ll be healthier and feel better, but it’s also easier to keep strong hair and nails looking great.

The word “superfood” is often overused, but for all these reasons, moringa makes an excellent addition to a healthful diet and lifestyle, and centuries of Ayurvedic medicine would undoubtedly agree.