First impressions are given by the way we dress and therefore we must always dress to impress. You could be wearing a pullover on a tank top and jeans and can still make an impression as long as you stay away from these major fashion faux pas:

  1. Unflattering Jeans:

    Jeans are must-haves for every men and women but jeans that don’t fit have no place in your wardrobe. 2016 has been witness to this faux pas many times and it’s about time we get rid of all those baggy jeans that make your body look extremely unflattering.

  2. Overdoing Accessories:

    One chocker and one necklace are acceptable but a string of them is just not the right thing to do. Same goes for rings and bracelets. Jewelries and accessories are made to compliment the outfit, not to overwhelm it.

  3. Sandals and socks:

    The fashion police will have a fit if they see you with socks and sandals. They do not look cool or chic or are not easy to walk in.

  4. Wrinkled cloth:

    A person could be wearing Gucci or Givenchy but if it is wrinkled or looks like something you slept in, then you are making a major fashion gaffe.

  5. Brand Conscious:

    We agree that wearing designer’s clothes make you feel all elite and important. But that’s not how fashion works. Sometimes owning a non-branded white t-shirt, a skirt from a thrift store or a logoed T-shirt you found in a random store can do wonders for your personal style and make you stand out from the others.

  6. Uncomfortable Shoes:

    Wearing heels in which you are clearly uncomfortable or shoes that don’t fit, won’t make you look vogue or trendy. Matter of fact, it will ruin your whole day. Fashion is being comfortable in your own skin and feeling good about yourself.

  7. Not Dressing For The Occasion:

    People will not like you if you appear in sweats at someone’s wedding or dress formally for a casual day out. You are either demeaning your hosts or trying to upstage everyone else. This is fashion and social faux pas all at once.

  8. Track suits instead of Athleisure:

    Granted that wearing workout clothes in social settings, casual get together or at work is extremely chic and heightens your personal style but it needs to be done with care. There are track suits and then there are athleisure. Always go for the latter and pair it with style or else you’ll be committing a fashion delinquency.

  9. Patterns on different patterns:

    Major faux pas is wearing pattern on pattern that neither matches nor compliments. The end result is reigning confusion.