Who we are

TARA MagazinE offers a platform for the voices of the South Asian woman. It is an online publication created to highlight her aspirations and achievements in our podcasts, videos as well as articles on various topics.
Created in March 2019, to coincide with International Woman’s Day, TARA hopes to empower and entertain, to provoke thought and discussion, to become a connecting point and a lively forum for women living overseas.
TM also offers a plethora of universally themed articles and useful nuggets of information for the career woman, the homemaker, the traveler, or the idler that, we sincerely hope, will appeal to both resident and non -residents alike. For the country or city, we reside as expats does indeed become a part of our expression and pride as much as the hometowns we live behind.

A SPECIAL FEATURE of TARA is the COMMUNITY where we invite you the reader to participate by sending your ideas and contributions. (See Join US)

TARA MagazinE is an imprint of Triostar Publications Singapore, a book distribution and indie publishing company specializing in children’s, teen and women’s literature.