Are you a vegetarian or flexitarian eager to learn new vegetarian cooking techniques? One simple and fun way to explore new ways to prepare vegetarian dishes is to gather together a group of friends and form a vegetarian cooking club. There’s no need for all members of the club to be practicing vegetarians. There are lots of nonvegetarians who would like to add more vegetables to their diet and want to learn new ways to prepare them.

To start a vegetarian cooking club, network with your friends and find a few who are interested in meeting on a regular basis to learn to expand their vegetarian cooking skills. You’ll want to keep the size of your club fairly small since only so many people can fit into a kitchen at the same time. If you don’t have friends who are interested, try contacting a local vegetarian society or group with your idea. They will likely have a variety of members who would be interested in your idea and may be able to provide you with resources for your club.

Plan to have your vegetarian cooking club meet once a month at the home of a different member each time. At each meeting, the group will prepare an entree or even a full meal based on the recipe selected at the last meeting. To select the recipes, have several vegetarian cookbooks available at each meeting for discussion and menu planning. You can have a different member select the menu each month for the following meeting. For variety and to learn new vegetarian cooking skills, consider inviting a local chef or member of a local vegetarian society to come in and instruct the group on an occasional basis. To buy the supplies needed for the meal preparation, charge each member of the vegetarian cooking club a monthly fee to be given to the host of the next meeting.

For preparation of the monthly vegetarian meal, the members would divide into groups with each working on a particular portion of the vegetarian meal. Once the food is prepared, leave plenty of time for eating together as a group, socializing, and discussion of the various cooking techniques used. This will allow everyone to improve their vegetarian cooking skills. For variety, every few months the vegetarian cooking club can dine at a local vegetarian restaurant. This is a great way to try new vegetarian dishes and expand each member’s culinary options. If you don’t have a vegetarian restaurant, a Japanese, Chinese, or Indian restaurant should offer vegetarian food choices.

A vegetarian cooking club is a great way to explore the world of vegetarian cooking in a fun and friendly environment. It’ll also help you eat more healthy and make new friends in the process.