1. New York

    There is no place like the “Big apple”. It is the hub for everything. You can find amazing theatres, financial district, shopping, and lots of clubs for people to party in. New York City is a city that never sleeps.

  2. Sao Paulo

    Brazil is the home of amazing carnivals and festivals, so this may come as no surprise. It is often overshadowed by its fabulous sister city Rio De Janero, but never fails to impress with its buzzing nightlife.

  3. Paris

    Whenever people think love and romance the city of Paris comes to mind. Paris has a wonderful nightlife, cafes and bistros sprawled all over the city, with the beautiful Eiffel Tower lit up at night making it a breathtaking view.

  4. Las Vegas

    Clubs, bars, and casinos is what Vegas is all about. It has the buzz, the beat, and great magic shows to entertain people with. There are many unique hotels there representing the famous wonders of the world on the famous Vegas strip.

  5. Dubai

    Let’s not forget the Vegas of the Middle East, and that’s Dubai! The nightlife here is like no other, you get to see belly dancing in the desert, snake shows, night clubs, and the amazing skyline.

  6. Svalbard

    This is the most northern city in Norway and the closest where you can see the Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern lights) from. This reason alone makes it an amazing destination to see one of nature’s most breathtaking wonders.

  7. Rome

    Home to the cultural bed of the western civilization, Rome offers a nightlife which doesn’t begin before 1 or 2 am. The authentic Italian food will make your mouth water, and ancient architecture will leave you awe struck.

  8. Ibiza

    This is the party capital of Europe. It is an Island off the coast of Spain with a bustling nightlife which no other island can compete with. It is dubbed as a clubbing capital and offers sun, sand, and sea like no other island.

  9. Bangkok

    This ancient city of Thailand is Asia’s best night spots. Enjoy the beaches, clubs, ride the elephants, have massages and indulge in delicious street style pad Thai.

  10. Montego Bay

    Dance to the tunes of this pumped up Jamaican city with reggae and calypso beats in the background, enjoy seafood, or simply surf about in the sea. You will not feel like coming back from this party city.